The High Park Tennis Club is a volunteer-run organization. Our goal is to provide our members with the opportunity to learn the game of tennis, play it at a relaxed or competitive level, and enjoy the social atmosphere of the club.

To achieve that goal we need your help. We need volunteers to help run the programs and events that everyone enjoys. These include:

  • Lessons
  • Leagues
  • Social events
  • Netminder newsletter
  • Website
  • Winter tennis program
  • Membership
  • Court maintenance
  • and anything else you might want to do to improve or add to the club’s programs and events
The benefits of volunteering are obvious. Firstly, the club's members –including you - benefit from the programs and events that you help to stage. Secondly, you can see your ideas put into action.  And thirdly – believe it or not – it’s fun!  The time commitment can be as little as a couple of hours.
To find out how you can help, contact anyone on the “Contact Us” page.